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Hey it's me, BrutaMod, the pegasus-lecturn hybrid from tumblr who makes brony cartoons while stuffing my face with cheetos and mountain dew and whatever morsels I find in my neckneard and/or ample cleavage. Uhhh okay maybe that doesn't narrow it down much

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Posted by BrutaMod - October 3rd, 2017

It looks like Newgrounds will make an excellent host to infect with my animations, drawings, and, perhaps someday, video games. While Tumblr is still my main base of operations and will continue to be so while I'm still running Ask-Blogs, its decline is quite obviously underway, and although I for one eagerly look forward to the day when the dumpster-fire-in-a-prom-dress that is Tumblr finally collapses under the weight of corporate incompetence courtesy of its staff and DashCon Ball Pit-level cringefail courtesy of its users (myself included), I am spreading my tentacles out to other websites that have survived the changing face of the internet for a good long time, such as DeviantArt and Newgrounds.

When the much-anticipated Ass Brutalewd sexventure game comes out (HL3CONFIRMED!OMG!) Newgrounds seems like a great place to do its premiere launch. This site has an Achievement system built into it and reputedly doesn't have as much of a stick up its ass about parodies of copyrighted characters as other game-hosting/selling sites do.

So if you like My Little Pony, and by like I mean clop to, stick around for the horse titty, and by horse titty, I mean animated fun and also horse titty!

Love & Metalness,




Welcome to Newgrounds!

Share those pics, flicks, vids (and tits if ya wanna) around, we'll gladly take a look at 'em.

Remember to rate and Blam regularly, it'll help both you and the communty. Have fun, man!

Welcome to Newgrounds, people will love you here and you'll get to see it with the voting system, and yeah here on Newgrounds we love parodies this site was basically built on parodies, love the stuff you already put out, I was clop- . . . I mean clapping in excitement to them just earlier.

Just saw your animations, you're quite the bedeviled rascal aren't you? Glad to see you've chosen to bless the Flash Portal with your unapologeticcally smutty work <3

I'll be keeping an eye on you ;)

Oh wow you are still alive

Never caught on to the pony stuff, but your parodies are great, sick and twisted, so you should fit right in on ng lol.

It is kinda scary that you posted this a year ago and now the prophecy has come true.
Hopefully you can post some more here.